FRCSR originated with an establishment of “Minna no Karte” or “Everyone’s Medical Chart,” a website which collects, through the Internet, subjective symptoms including general malaise and other worrisome symptoms that may be the result of radiation contamination.  

The purpose of FRCSR is to collect voices of people who felt “something was obviously wrong” after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident, to allow for an understanding of multiple and simultaneous derivations of characteristic symptoms after a certain time point, and to provide a public place for common understanding of unfalsified database of symptoms in order to grasp their relationship to the whole aspect.  This activity, originally started by one individual and subsequently supported by many, is now beginning to build an international network, while distributing collected data, people’s voices, and current situations in Japan, to many medical care providers, researchers and journalists who recognize and understand radiation exposure.  

Objectives of FRCSR include issues which are problems not necessarily limited to Japan.  These include the following:  encouraging any medical institution or medical care provider, not limited to medical institutions in prefectures around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, to recognize the necessity for understanding of symptoms of radiation contamination; and having those in any medical field to incorporate a new point of view, such as radiation contamination, into medical care.  We believe that these issues constitute part of essential global awareness of all major nuclear incidents impacting health to include: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and now, Fukushima.

Our hope is to keep moving forward, even if it might be a single step at a time, not only for many people who have understood activities of FRCSR and reported their symptoms, but also those suffering from radiation exposure all over the world.

Shino Yasutomo

Executive Director