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隠れた犠牲者たち-- チェルノブイリ事故がもたらした一般住民の急性放射線障害 --
ウラジーミル・ルパンディン (Part 1) (Part 2)
To Whom It May Concern
Galina Laskova-Sanderson
Independently produced film about the psychological and sociocultural effects of the Chernobyl disaster.
Nuclear Controversies
by Wladimir Tchertkoff, 51min, 2004

真実はどこに?―WHOとIAEA 放射能汚染を巡って

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   Japanese summary(日本語概要)
     Complete Japanese translation(全和訳)
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Radiation Is Always Dangerous, Says World Health Organization Director-General

Medical Radiation Exposure
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Ian Goddard videos

Low Dose Radiation: DOE Study

Fukushima Radiation NOT SAFE!!
(with Japanese subtitles)

☢ Low-Dose Radiation ☢ NEW A-Bomb Study
(with Japanese subtitles)
ナレーション和訳 書き起こし

MIT No-Evacuations Study Debunked!

Medical Management of Radiation Accidents: Management of the Acute Radiation Syndrome
Edited by T.M. Fliedner, I. Friesecke and K. Beyrer
The British Institute of Radiology 2001
Health and Environmental Issues Linked to the Nuclear Fuel Chain
by Gordon Edwards, Ph.D., prepared under contract to the Canadian Environmental Advisory Council
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JAMA  2012;307(22):2400-2409. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.5960
Pattern of cancer mortality in some Brazilian HBRAs
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A study by gamma-, alpha- and mass-spectroscopy measurements of uranium isotopes activity and mass ratios in dust, soil and water samples obtained from craters produced by Israeli bombardments on Lebanon during the July/August conflict 2006.
Mohammed Ali Kobeissi

Radiation Monitoring/Testing
Japan Radiation Levels
Compilation of US DOE/NNSA air monitoring data measured between March and May, 2011, taken from this site:
Real Time EPA RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring For Every Major City In The Entire US On A Single Page
UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station
Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
Status of accepting rubble from tsunami stricken areas

Emergency reports faxed from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) headquarter. (Japanese)
March 2011
Japan Vital Statistics
Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The Impact of the Use of Mixed-Oxide Fuel on The Potential for Severe Nuclear Plant Accidents in Japan

Edwin S. Lyman, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Nuclear Control Institute

October 1999                                                                       

SimplyInfo: The Fukushima Project
Crowd sourced information research and analysis without focus on profit

Shunichi Yamashita
English Press Conference at Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan
March 22, 2011
Der Spiegel interview, August 19, 2011
Catalog House interview, spring 2012
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